Prawns & Courgettes Tagliolini served in a Parmesan basket

Ingredients for 4 people:

300gr egg Tagliolini pasta; 4 small courgettes; 200gr fresh tiger prawns; 1 bag of saffron powder; extra virgin olive oil; 50gr butter; 50cl white wine; salt & pepper to taste; flatleaf parsley for decoration; 100 gr grated parmesan cheese for the basket.


To make the basket:

Add a little oil to a non stick pan. When warm, add 25gr of parmesan cheese over low heat and after a minute turn the waffle onto a small shallow dish to give it the shape of a basket. Repeat another three times.

To make the pasta:

Cut the courgettes julienne style and cook in hot oil until golden, then add the prawns and cook for a couple of minutes. Add the wine and let it evaporate, while you cook the pasta in another pan (4-5 minutes). Drain the pasta and add to the prawns & courgettes with butter and saffron. Serve in the parmesan basket with a garnish of fresh flat leaf parsley.