Vellutata di Cannellini – Cannellini Bean Veloute’

Ingredients for 2 people
400gr of cooked cannellini beans
1 celery stick
1 small carrot
1/4 white onion
4 spoons of tomato passata
3 bay leaves
extra virgin olive oil


To prepare the veloute’, place the carrot, celery and onion all finely chopped and lightly fry in oil. Once golden, add the beans with the water you have cooked them in (or the water from the tin). Add the tomato passata and the bay leaves (you can use rosemary instead if you prefer) and cook for about ten minutes. Blend with an electric mixer until you obtain a smooth consistency, then cook for another five minutes while stirring. You can add some hot water if you feel the consistency is too thick. Serve the veloute’ with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and crostini.